American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana). Photo: Mervin Wallace

Grow Native! Resource Guide

The Grow Native! Resource Guide is a directory of Grow Native! professional members published in print and online at the beginning of every year. The businesses listed here provide a variety of products including native seeds, plugs, plants, shrubs, and trees and may be retail, wholesale and/or mail order providers. Other businesses provide landscape architecture, landscape design, land care and landscape services, are arborists or forest managers, or provide wildlife habitat and ecological services. Others provide educational services or are institutions that support Grow Native!

The businesses listed in the Grow Native! Resource Guide are Grow Native! Professional Members. If you are a business and would like to be a Grow Native Professional Member, please see our Grow Native! Membership page.

How the guide is organized:


Seeds of native plants for landscaping, forage, wildlife, and other purposes. The businesses on this list sell wholesale, retail, and/or by mail order.


Plants, ready for planting, growing in smaller cells of various sizes.


These businesses sell plants retail, wholesale, and/or mail order. These businesses may sell nursery inventory plants (grower maintains a supply of plants) or custom grown ones (grower produces specific plants and quantities on contract. Plants sold are potted, ready for planting, growing in small to large containers. Plants may include native annuals, native perennials, and grasses, sedges, wildflowers, and vines.

Shrubs and Trees

The professionals in this list may sell shrubs and trees retail, wholesale, and/or mail order. They may sell woody plants ready to be planted as bare-root woody seedlings (young trees or shrubs dug from nursery fields), potted woody plants (trees or shrubs growing in containers), and/or field-grown woody plants (larger trees and shrubs dug from field production).

Land Care and Landscape Services

These professionals plant, establish, and care for native landscapes for homes, businesses, public places, and other small areas. They may install plugs or potted plants into a landscape, plant seed, provide care, such as weeding, mulching, and mowing, for already-planted native gardens/landscapes, and/or prune trees and shrubs in a garden/landscape.

Landscape Architects

Landscape architects are licensed and accredited by state governments to plan landscapes in outdoor public area, landmarks, and gardens of various sizes.

Landscape Designers

Landscape designers plan landscapes, usually residential and commercial gardens.


Arborists plant, care for, and maintain individual or small numbers of trees.

Forest Management

Forest managers evaluate forests and timber stands, create forest management plans, and sometimes implement management plans.

Wildlife Habitat & Ecological Services

These professionals provide resource management and/or maintenance, usually for larger tracts of land. They may provide one or more of the following services: landscape/habitat planning, landscape/habitat design, landscape/habitat installation, landscape/habitat maintenance, and plant identification and inventory.


These educational institutions, botanical gardens, and nature reserves provide native plant educational resources: native plant specialists available for for educational events; places to see native plants in gardens, restorations, and natural areas; and/or literature or other educational resources pertaining to native plants.

Institutional Supporters

The organizations on this list support the promotion of native plants, and may be botanical institutions, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, or communities.

Related Products and Services

The businesses in this list provide products and services related to native plants and their uses, such as compost or edible native plants.

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    The Missouri Prairie Foundation and its Grow Native! program provide the Grow Native! Resource Guide as a convenience to gardeners, landowners, landscape professionals, and landscape enthusiasts. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check the references or licenses of, negotiate fees with, and make all arrangements with those listed in this Resource Guide. The Missouri Prairie Foundation and its Grow Native! program accept no responsibility for products and services rendered.