Virtual 2021 Grow Native! Conference on November 3, 2021

October 13, 2021 | News

Author Dr. Doug Tallamy will give the keynote address at the virtual 2021 Grow Native! Professional Member Conference, open to all.

Both native plant landscaping professionals and novices are invited to register for the virtual 2021 Grow Native! Professional Member Conference on November 3, 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon, organized by the Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Grow Native! program.

Native plants play an important role in sustainable landscaping, providing a food source and habitat for pollinators and wildlife, and reducing erosion and protecting streams by slowing stormwater runoff. Healthy, well maintained native landscapes are vital to the survival of beneficial insects, wildlife, and people and make our communities vibrant. Conference speakers will present information on diverse aspects of native landscaping, including the ecological benefits of oak trees, native plant production, and local community conservation projects. A short award presentation and updates about the Grow Native! program and upcoming projects will be discussed as well.

Author and entomologist Dr. Doug Tallamy will give the keynote address entitled “The Nature of Oaks.” Dr. Tallamy will compare oak species to other popular shade trees in terms of their ability to support animal diversity, protect watersheds, and sequester carbon dioxide. Learning that oaks provide life support to thousands of species may motivate us to return more of these essential trees to our built landscapes.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Doug Tallamy as the keynote speaker at our upcoming conference,” said Carol Davit, executive director of the Missouri Prairie Foundation and its Grow Native! program. “Whether you have heard Dr. Tallamy speak before, or you are new to his research, you are guaranteed to learn new, captivating information from him at this half-day conference.”

Learn also from Elliott Duemler, Native Perennial Manager for Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries in Wisconsin, who will present “A Grower’s Predicament: Challenges in Supply vs Demand with Native Plants,” and from a panel of community conservationists discussing on-the-ground projects in the lower-Midwest.

The event will be free to all Grow Native! professional members, their staff, and current Missouri Prairie Foundation members. Non-members are invited to attend as well, for a $30 fee. Grow Native! will provide certificates of attendance upon request for any professionals attending who will self report continuing education credits to their professional associations.

“We are pleased to offer this virtual learning opportunity to all,” said Ronda Burnett, Chair of the Grow Native! Committee. “Grow Native! professional members, Missouri Prairie Foundation members, and interested members of the general public will find much to learn from our virtual Grow Native! Professional Member Conference.”

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