MPF Webinar: The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Prairie Remnants and Plantings with Dr. Alice Tipton


Mycorrhizal fungi play an essential role in structuring plant communities, and this is particularly true for prairies. In this talk, Dr. Tipton will discuss how mycorrhizal fungi and plants interact, their importance in maintaining prairie plant communities, and how mycorrhizal fungal inoculation can act as a tool in prairie reconstruction. Cost: free. The webinar will […]

2020 Grow Native! Professional Member Conference


We are excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Grow Native! program and host the virtual 2020 Grow Native! Professional Member Conference! We hope you will enjoy the lineup of fantastic speakers and topics this year. Check out the conference page for the itinerary, speaker line up, and registration.

FULL: Native Tree Walk at Bellefontaine Cemetery & Arboretum

Bellefontaine Cemetery & Arboretum 4947 W. Florissant Ave, St. Louis

REGISTRATION CLOSED. To get on the waiting list in case of a cancellation, please call the number below. Enjoy a fall walk on the beautiful grounds of historic Bellefontaine Cemetery & Arboretum in St. Louis with Horticulture supervisor Matt Garrett or other staff. Learn about the many native trees and wildlife conservation activities at Bellefontaine. […]

Prairie Ecology Hike at MPF’s Carver Prairie

Carver Prairie Lark Rd, Newton County

Join MPF Technical Advisor Jeff Cantrell for a Prairie  Ecology Hike at MPF's Carver Prairie (Newton County) at 4:30pm on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Limited to 12 participants, social distancing will be practiced. We will be walking on uneven ground in the native grassland. Participants must register to attend. To register, please email Jeff Cantrell […]

MPF Webinar: Winter Sparrows–A Challenge but a Joy! with Ethan Duke & Dana Ripper


Join us to learn the basics of winter sparrow identification and ecology. We will touch on some of the more common backyard sparrows, then focus on the species that rely on Missouri’s prairies for wintering habitat. Often we think about prairie as crucial breeding habitat–which it is!–for a suite of species, but this essential ecosystem […]

Grow Native! Webinar: Gardening for Beneficial Insects with Ed Spevak


Bumble bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, and many other beneficial insects move pollen from flower to flower, helping plants to produce seeds and fruit. Dr. Ed Spevak will explain the important relationship between the many beneficial insects buzzing around home gardens, and the native plants that rely on them to thrive. Cost: free. The webinar will […]

Short-Eared Owl Investigation

Shawnee Trail Conservation Area 160 SW 160th Ln, Mindenmines

Join Jeff Cantrell, MPF Technical Advisor, on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 for a Short-Eared Owl Investigation at the Rehab Prairie site at Shawnee Trail Conservation Area (Barton County). Limited to 12 participants, social distancing will be in place.  We will be walking maintenance roads, which may be muddy, depending on the weather.  Meet at Pin […]

Grow Native! Webinar: Happy, Healthy Habitats with Paula Diaz


Native gardens can be both functional and beautiful, but they don't have a strict set of rules. Why not use our time to enjoy our gardens rather than tame them? In this talk, Paula Diaz will help transition our brains from keeping "neat, tidy, and clean" gardens to "happy, healthy habitats." Cost: free. The webinar […]

MPF Master Class: Invasive Plant Management on Grasslands with Jerod Huebner


MPF Director of Prairie Management Jerod Huebner will share information on how to manage invasive species on grasslands. Jerod will describe the invasive species that often encroach on grasslands, different methods of removal, and time of year to avoid further spreading. Cost: free to all MPF dues-paying members (including Grow Native! professional members) and $15 […]