Alum root (Heuchera richardsonii). Photo: Mervin Wallace

Grow Native! Professional Certification Program
Continuing Education

NOTE: Grow Native! Continuing Education units are earned by individuals who have received Grow Native! certification. If you are interested in becoming certified, see the Grow Native! Professional Certification Program webpage.


Grow Native! Professional Certification is valid for three years. Program participants maintain their certification by earning 30 continuing education units (CEUs) over a total of three years and paying a $75 renewal fee every three years. Of the 30 required units, 10 units can be earned by viewing recorded content; the remainder must be earned by viewing a live master class or CEU-approved webinar session or an in-person event that has been designated for inclusion in the GNPCP. Grow Native! will maintain records to track CEUS earned by Certified Pros, but Certified Pros should maintain their own records to track their individual progress as well.

Grow Native! is offering the following upcoming virtual opportunities to earn CEUs:

If you are a Grow Native! Certified Pro and you’d like to earn 1 CEU for a live virtual opportunity listed above you can register for the opportunity via the provided link and enter your certification number in the chat during the live session.

You can also earn credits by watching past recorded Grow Native! master classes and CEU-approved webinars and submitting the “Recording CEU form” provided to you upon award of your certification (subject to the 10 credit limit). Links to the approved YouTube playlists will be provided to Certified Pros upon certification and upon request.

Grow Native! is offering the following upcoming in-person opportunities to earn CEUs:

Questions about the Grow Native! Professional Certification Program?
Email or phone (573) 567-0259.

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