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Kelly D. Norris, LLC

1128 Riverview Dr., Des Moines IA 50313

Kelly D. Norris is one of the leading horticulturists of his generation. As a planting designer in public and private space, he explores the intersections of people, plants and place through ecological, site-specific design and art.

– Plugs – Retail, Wholesale
– Plants – Retail, Wholesale, Nursery Inventory
– Shrubs & Trees – Retail, Wholesale

– Land Care and Landscape Services – Native plant installation, Native seed installation, Native landscape care, Shrub & tree pruning
– Landscape Designer – Design/build, Private design practice
– Wildlife Habitat & Ecological Services – Landscape/habitat planning, Landscape/habitat design, Landscape/habitat installation, Landscape/habitat maintenance
– Education – Seminars/workshops/presentations, Publications

Primary Business: Plugs, Landscape Designers
Grow Native! Professional Member: Contributing
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Phone: 712-621-5399

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