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Header Photo: Carol Davit

Millpond Plants, LLC

P.O. Box 496, Ashland, MO 65010

I can help you decide on a native plant list and the initial sites for installation. I can obtain native plants for most habitats including ponds. I can teach you how to install and maintain your plants for best success.

– Plants – Retail, Nursery Inventory
– Shrubs & Trees – Retail, Potted woody-plants

– Land Care and Landscape Services – Native seed installation
– Landscape Designer – Private design practice
– Wildlife Habitat & Ecological Services – Landscape/habitat planning, Landscape/habitat maintenance
– Education – Seminars/workshops/presentations

Primary Business: Landscape Designers, Wildlife Habitat / Ecological Services
Grow Native! Professional Member: General
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Phone: 573-657-2314

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