Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis). Photo: Scott Woodbury

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Compiled by Robbie Doerhoff, Forest Entomologist, Missouri Department of Conservation 

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Soil Health

Robbie’s Tips on Watering Trees

I recommend watering most deciduous trees 10 gallons of water per diameter (not circumference) inch, 2-3 times per month during extended dry periods (check to see how dry your area is by visiting Drought Monitor). Be careful in heavy clay soils, and reduce that water to 5 gallons per diameter inch for evergreens. Provide water gradually to promote infiltration, so avoid using a sprinkler and instead opt for just a hose end with no attachment. To determine the total watering time needed using a hose set at medium pressure (2 gallons per minute), multiply the tree’s diameter (in inches) by 5 minutes. Once you know the total number of minutes, you can set an alarm to remind you to move the hose throughout the drip line every ~10-15 minutes (or so). You want the water to soak in—not run off.”

Robbie Doerhoff

Forest Entomologist, Missouri Department of Conservation


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