Teaching students about host plants. Photo: Carol Davit


These institutions, gardens, and nature reserves provide opportunities to visit native gardens, natural areas, native plantings and interpretive centers. They connect with plant professionals and educator, acquire and/or create educational materials. 

Arkansas Native Plant Society, Ozark Chapter

Garfield, AR

Phone: (501) 231-7455

Primary Business: Institutional Supporter; Education

Audubon Center at Riverlands

West Alton, MO

Phone: (636) 899-0090

Email: kbuchholz@audubon.org

Primary Business: Education

Hawthorn Chapter of the Missouri Native Plant Society

Phone: (573) 657-2314

Email: beckyerick711@centurylink.net

Products: Plugs, Nursery Inventory Plants, Potted Woody Plants

Land Care and Landscape Services: Native Plant Installation, Native Seed Installation, Native Landscape Care, Shrub and Tree Pruning

Education: Seminars/Workshops/Presentations, Demonstration Gardens/Restoration Sites, Publications

Landscape and Nursery Association of Greater St. Louis (LNAGSL)

St. Louis, MO

Primary Business: Institutional Supporter; Education

Native Plants and More

Columbia, MO

Phone: (573) 289-2018

Email: NativePlantsandMore@gmail.com

Land Care and Landscape Services: Native Plant Installation

Landscape Designer: Design/Build

Wildlife Habitat and Ecological Services: Landscape/Habitat Planning, Plant Identification and Inventory

Education:  Seminars/Workshops/Presentations, Demonstration Gardens/Restoration Sites, Publications

Retail Products: Nursery Inventory Plants, Potted Woody Plants

Primary Purpose: Education, training, public speaking and consultation to promote the adoption of native plants for wildlife and people.

New Directions in the American Landscape

Glenside, PA

Phone: (510) 518-0430

Email:  info@ndal.org

Education: Design workshops

Education: Annual Landscape Symposium

Retail Products:

Primary Purpose: Certified nonprofit organization dedicated to educational programming in ecological landscape design

Northwest Missouri Master Gardeners

St. Joseph, MO

Phone: (913) 424-2467

Email: barbarabramblett@gmail.com

Education: Seminars/Workshops/Presentations

Institutional Supporter: Educational Institution

Related Products and Services: We have an annual plant sale that includes native plants.

Primary Purpose: Northwest Missouri Master Gardeners have completed a program of study provided by MU Extension. We are required to meet annual continuing education and volunteer hours requirements.


St. Louis, MO

Email: seedbox@sustainablebackyard.org

Primary Purpose:

Institutional Supporter

Shaw Nature Reserve

Gray Summit, MO

Phone: (314) 577-9530

Email: scott.woodbury@mobot.org

Education: Seminars/Workshops/Presentations, Native Demonstration Gardens/Ecological Restoration Sites, Publications

Institutional Supporter: Botanical Institution, Non-profit Organization, Educational Institution

Related Products and Services: Native plant sales spring and fall

Primary Purpose: Botanical institution that displays, maintains, and identifies living plant specimens.

Sustainable Backyard Network

St. Louis, MO

Email: terry@sustainablebackyard.org


Institutional Supporter

Primary Purpose: Education

St. Louis Community College – Meramec – Horticulture Program

Kirkwood, MO

Phone: (314) 984-7293

Email: jpence@stlcc.edu

Education: Seminars/Workshops/Presentations, Demonstration Gardens/Restoration Sites

Institutional Supporter: Botanical Institution, Educational Institution

Primary Purpose: Educational institution that provides horticulture courses including landscape design, plant identification, soil, grounds management, and plant propagation

 Stream Teams United

Shelbina, MO

Phone: (573) 586-0747 

Email: mary@streamteamsunited.org


Institutional Supporter

University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry

Columbia, MO

Phone: (573) 882-9866

Email: OrmsbyG@missouri.edu

Education: Seminars/Workshops/Presentations, Demonstration Gardens/Restoration Sites, Publications

Institutional Supporter: Educational Institution

Primary Purpose: The University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry (UMCA), is one of the world’s leading centers contributing to the science underlying integrated practices of agroforestry. These practices enhance habitats and improve biodiversity while sustaining land resources for generations to come. Our major goal is to support the future of family farms and forests by achieving economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Watershed Committee of the Ozarks Inc.

Springfield, MO

Phone: (417) 866-1127

Email: mike@watershedcommittee.org

Primary Purpose:
Institutional Supporter: Non-profit Organization


The Westport Garden Club

Mission Hills, KS

Phone: (913) 485-7348

Email: ellenbolen@gmail.com

Education: Publications

Institutional Supporter: Non-profit Organization, Community

Primary Purpose: We are providing leadership in Kansas City to bring our community together to make the use of native plants in our area pervasive. Member of the Garden Club of America.

Wild Bird Rehabilitation

Overland, MO

Phone: (314) 426-6400

Email: wildbirdrehab@gmail.org

Institutional Supporter: Non-profit Organization

Primary Purpose: Wild Bird Rehabilitation’s mission is to ensure the survival of wild native songbirds through professional medical care and education regarding their value and needs.

Wild Bird Rehabilitation is a nonprofit hospital for native songbirds. We are federally licensed and hold permits through the Missouri Conservation Department for the care and treatment of migratory and native songbirds. We promote native plants through our educational program.

Wild Ones, Northwest Arkansas Ozark Chapter

Garfield, AR

Phone: (501)231-7455

Email:  wildonesozarkchapter@gmail.com

Primary Purpose: Education; Institutional Supporter: Non-profit Organization

Wild Ones St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

Phone: (314) 303-8309

Email: gramg63@gmail.com

Primary Purpose:
Institutional Supporter: Non-profit Organization 


The Missouri Prairie Foundation and the Grow Native! program provide this list of suppliers of native plant products and services as a convenience to gardeners, landowners, and landscape enthusiasts. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check the references of, negotiate fees with, and make all arrangements with those listed in this Resource Guide. The Missouri Prairie Foundation and the Grow Native! program accept no responsibility for products and services rendered.